Grapefruit and Lemon Juice for Weight Loss

Grapefruit and lemon are citrus fruits. Grapefruit and lemon juice for weight loss is a safe and natural way to lose weight. Grapefruit contains various important vitamins and minerals. You can eat whole fruit or juice from the pulp.

The nutrients contained in grapefruit can aid in maintaining a healthy weight, improve skin health and protect against various diseases. Grapefruit contains low calories and is very rich in nutrients. It is also a great source of vitamins A and C.

Lemon is a popular fruit that people use in small quantities to flavor food. But, people rarely consume lemons alone because of their high sour taste. More than 30 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C can be obtained from one 58 gram lemon.

Here in this article, we will take a look at the weight loss benefits of grapefruit and lemon. 

Grapefruit and Lemon Juice for Weight Loss

Grapefruit Benefits for Weight Loss

Grapefruit and Lemon Juice for Weight Loss

Grapefruit Make You Feel Full

Grapefruit has a good amount of fiber. One serving of this fruit contains only 53 calories and approx. 2 grams of fiber. Studies show that a diet high in fiber is useful in promoting satiety. This is because fiber slows down gastric emptying, which prolongs digestion time.

Studies have also shown that before each meal eating half of the grapefruit can lead to greater weight loss in those on a diet. While trying it after each meal can be a bit extreme, this method works well with breakfast.

It is Low in Calories 

Grapefruit is among those foods that are constantly appearing on the list of low-calorie, low-sugar fruits. According to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) a whole red or pink grapefruit with a diameter of 3 inches, contains only 103 calories.

In addition to breakfast, there are many ways to enjoy grapefruit. Consider replacing dried fruit with slices of grapefruit in a salad or using it for a delicious dinner with roasted chicken. Even to satisfy your sweet tooth you can use it as a light dessert using this sabayon gratin recipe. 

So being low in calories it is considered a good addition to your diet for weight loss.   

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Blood Sugar Level Stabilizer 

Studies show that this miracle fruit contains compounds that can lower insulin levels. Low insulin levels mean that the body can use food as energy more efficiently instead of storing it as fat. 

Before meals eating half of a fresh grapefruit is linked with notable weight loss. In patients with metabolic syndrome, effects have also been observed with the products of grapefruit. With fresh grapefruit, Insulin resistance improves. 

Although it is not known how this weight loss occurs, it seems reasonable to include grapefruit in the diet meant for weight loss.

Resist Cravings

Grapefruit oil acts as a natural appetite suppressant because it helps improve insulin resistance and balance blood sugar levels, helping you feel full.

Researchers think that the smell of grapefruit oil affects liver enzymes, which could help eliminate cravings and promote weight loss.

It is shown in several scientific studies that ingesting or inhaling grapefruit oil can help reduce weight by activating an enzyme known as AMP-activated protein kinase, AMPK generally activated during exercise to help muscles use stored fat and sugar as energy sources.

AMPK supports your metabolism when it is activated it supports the energy production process of the body.

Lemon Juice for Weight Loss

Grapefruit and Lemon Juice for Weight Loss


Lemon Juice is less in Calories

Lemons are rich in vitamin C. Drinking lemon juice means that we are drinking a substance that contains almost no calories and sugars if we do not add sugar to it. 

Adding half a lemon to a glass of water contains a total of about 6 calories. Compare that to a glass of apple or orange juice with approx. 110 calories and 20 to 25 grams of sugar in each eight-ounce glass.

Even if you swap only one glass per day, you will save almost 800 calories a week! In addition, it is shown by some studies that if you drink a low-calorie drink, you often consume less food with your meal than if you have milk, juice, soft drinks, or alcoholic beverages.

Lemon Juice Boost Metabolism

Start your day with a glass of hot lemon water that can cause your metabolism and body to burn calories earlier in the day. Adding lemon juice makes drinking water attractive because it gives you a taste and often makes you drink more water than usual.

Researches show that drinking more water means that you will burn more calories when you rest, which is called resting energy consumption. According to these researches, the number of calories an adult burns after drinking 17 ounces of a glass of water will increase by 20-30% over the next hour!

Research  has shown that drinking water with or without lemon can speed up your metabolism.

Lemon Water Keep Us Hydrated

Our body often cannot distinguish between hunger and thirst. We may go for a snack and we don’t realize that our body needs water. This underlines the fact that enough water in our body is important not for weight loss only, but it is also good for our overall health.

Water fills us and flushes out toxins and wastes that accumulate in our bodies. It regulates body temperature, lubricates our joints, and can help alleviate any physical pain we may experience.

When our body works properly, we are better able to understand what it needs. In addition, some studies show that when we are hydrated properly, we can break down fat better, which helps us lose weight. When we are fully hydrated we can also look slimmer because we will be less bloated and puffy-looking.

Lemon Juice Helps Digestion

Lemons juice contains a lot of acids, however, these acids are not harmful to the body instead they help it. These acids in some cases slow down digestion. 

Acids present in lemon juice aids in breaking down food more efficiently thus making it easy for the body to get the most out of every meal. This helps the body, absorb the nutrients that pass through the body when we eat.

Slower absorption sounds like it could be bad. When we hear a slowdown in metabolism, we link it with, for example, weight gain, but it’s really good. The slow rate of absorption helps the body regulate blood sugar levels and helps the body send nutrients where they are needed. 

Slow absorption also helps us feel fuller for longer times and we do not overeat that helps in maintaining a healthy weight. 


Grapefruit and lemons are good natural choices to consider for weight loss. These citrus fruits are packed with several nutrients that help the body in many important functions. These are low choleric, high in fibers, boost metabolism, help in digestion, stabilize blood sugars, etc.   

Only grapefruit and lemon juice for weight loss are not enough to achieve a healthy weight, yes they can help you if you adopt other lifestyle changes like regular exercise, remain active, taking a fiber-rich and low caloric diet, avoid overeating, etc.   


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